Ginger - What’s So Good?

Ginger - What’s So Good?

This magical root has been utilized for centuries to relieve many ailments, discomforts, and gut issues. When researching the benefits and uses of this ingredient you will come across an array of recommendations. It truly is incredible! Nausea is the most immediate and reactive use of ginger, often recommended to prevent and treat vomiting from early pregnancy, motion sickness, and even chemotherapy treatments.

Crystallized Ginger Bites from Megans Pantry

Ginger is an antioxidant powerhouse! You might be saying, “What in the world does an antioxidant do for me?” And that is a great thing to ask! Antioxidants clear free radicals from your body’s cells, preventing damage caused by oxidation. They help our brain release more “feel-good” chemicals, therefore providing an all-around natural benefit. Ginger is often paired with Turmeric for a super-strong antioxidant infiltration.

Pregnancy and Menstruation
Nausea is an extremely common symptom during pregnancy and menstruation, and the chemical compounds of ginger can even relieve pain in the uterus from cramping and the shed of the uterine lining. It relieves the nausea naturally and effectively, rather than using chemically-derived medicines.

Some of the additional benefits of ginger include: lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, positively affecting cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugars, and stimulating the digestive system.

When shopping for fresh root
If you’re a juice fanatic or even a smoothie queen, fresh ginger is an amazing additive to your blend! When at the grocery store or farmer’s market, look for ginger with big size variations between the node and the internode. If your piece of ginger resembles a large chunk, it will contain less nutrients. If it has a good “system” of nodes, it will be more nutritious. Fascinating, right?! Here’s what you want your root to look like:

Ginger Root Fresh

When shopping for dehydrated Ginger Root, or “Candied” Ginger
Typically when you’re in a grocery market, you’ll find candied ginger. Turn the package over and check for this ingredient: sulfite!! There are many different names for this nasty ingredient. Your candied ginger should have TWO ingredients: ginger root and sugar.

Sulfites should be avoided because they have a nasty history of causing allergy-like symptoms in most people. They can also cause headaches and trigger asthma.

At Megan’s Pantry, our crystallized ginger root is sulfite FREE.

When Shopping for Dried or Powdered Ginger Root
Dried ginger root is the way to go if you are turned away by the pungent flavor of fresh or candied root, and it can be found in many varieties. You can find powdered ginger in capsule form, and you can safely consume up to 4 grams a day. Always consult your physician before starting a new supplement.

Many teas are formulated with dried ginger root because of their wide array of holistic benefits. At Megan’s Pantry, we carry 5 different tea blends that we add ginger root to (Vanilla Spice Chai, Autumn Spice, Herbal Heaven, Citrus Wellness, and Turmeric Chai). You could say we’re ginger enthusiasts around here! You can also find it in our DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit.

So what are you waiting for? Go add this magical root to your arsenal!
XO, Megan

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