The Story

The Birth of Megan's Pantry

Calm in the Chaos.

Megan's Pantry began as a journey to find peace in an anxiety-consumed world. Our Covid adventure is another in a book of world-wide life changes, and we are inspired every chance we get to look back at the growth and accomplishment that we faced.

Early in the year 2020, we began blending our own herbal teas that were aimed at calming our senses and easing nerves. We soon realized we needed to share these with the world - we were not alone in this need! In no time at all, Megan's Pantry was born, loved, and growing faster than we ever could have imagined.

With a passion for gifting, we followed the dream of having a rounded collection of health, bath, and home items. Always maintaining a focus on pure, clean ingredients - we soon crafted a line of aromatherapy products that bring joy to so many.

Thank you for being a part of our journey - our family is so in love with all of the light we get to spread to those who experience Megan's Pantry.