Shine a Light with Megan’s Pantry

Shine a Light with Megan’s Pantry

We’re honored to share our newest community initiative with the UNM Children’s Hospital Child Life Program! These individuals have meant more to us than words can say these last 5 months, and we are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for their love and support…

Our loving and brave Barrett, 6 years old.


In September of 2023 our 6-year-old son Barrett had a lump appear on his head, just behind his ear. Every parent’s worst nightmare, our minds quickly search for mercy as our hearts hold strong for all things positive and hopeful.

Soon we found ourselves in a swirl of tests, scans, multiple medical professionals, and many, many prayers as our sweet Bear had to endure surgery for removal after all of this prodding. Surgery confirmed a diagnosis of a strange condition called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis.

One sweet, refreshing sweep of love was always a moment of anticipation for Barrett when we entered the doors of the UNM Children’s Hospital, time after time. He knew he would see the Child Life team, and he KNEW they would have something special waiting for him. A warm smile, a treat, a toy, a tablet - anything and everything he needed to forget why he was there to begin with.

To put it extremely simply, these team members help both the children and parents emotionally, they advocate for each family’s needs, and they bring play, art, music and joy to the children to ease any fear of anxiety. I’d like to say they are the heart of the hospital - a group truly dedicated to love and support. The medical staff seemed to appreciate their counterparts for their incredible work, as it made the kiddos much happier to be in their care!

As we now have received a clear bill of health for our baby boy - speechless of the grace and joy that consumes our hearts today - we are happy to dedicate ourselves to the mission of the Child Life program at UNMH.

Every 16oz Aromatherapy Candle from Megan’s Pantry now comes with an automatic $5 donation to the UNM Children’s Hospital Child Life program!!

(Activate uncontrollable smiles and happy dances!)

We are so proud to give back to our community, and we are so grateful that you’re joining arms with us to help families through possibly the most challenging moments of their lives. Learn more about the incredible mission and accomplishments of the team here:

Thank you - from the bottom of our hearts - to all of the doctors, nurses, medical staff, and the Child Life team of UNMH. Thank you. Thank you.


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