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What’s the Scoop? Bath Bomb Toxins Hiding in Your Ingredient List

When searching for clean products, we’re always on the lookout for the ingredient list. At Megan’s Pantry, we never want to create an ingredient list that you need to be concerned about! 

Here's the scoop on our bath bombs here at Megan's Pantry, and WHY they are SO. DARN. AWESOME.

No Polysorbates
Polysorbate 80 is a very common ingredient in bath bombs because of its ability to emulsify oil and water. This ingredient binds the other ingredients in the bath bomb to facilitate the curing process, but growing concerns in recent years that this ingredient may be a carcinogen and cause hormone disruptions are a big red flag. We do NOT use this ingredient - we’ve spent years perfecting our recipe to replicate the strength and performance of our bath bombs without this harmful chemical.

Ethically Sourced Mica
Did you know that those bright and bold colors might not be as fun as you may think? Large manufacturing companies typically use toxic dye or mica sourced from overseas. Mica mining is very well-known for their use of child labor and very unsafe conditions. We avert this scary situation by using lab-created and FDA approved body-safe mica to lightly color our bath bombs, to allow us to distinguish our different scents.

No Artificial Fragrance
The awareness of the toxic nature of artificial fragrance has grown substantially in the last ten years. We avoid these like the plague… to protect our family, our hormones, and our peace-of-mind! Here at Megan’s Pantry, all our products are scented using high-grade, pure essential oils. Only!

We fill our bath bombs with love, obviously. But the salts and soaking goodness we put into these little balls of joy are certainly not to be overlooked. Enjoy the aromatherapy brought by our signature essential oil blends, soak in the delicious muscle-relief from the epsom salts and enjoy silky-smooth skin from the kaolin clay and coconut oil.

Perfectly imperfect, you may notice some slight imperfections on your Megan’s Pantry bath bombs, but this is simply a side effect of avoiding scary additional ingredients that make them “pretty.” Personally, I LOVE these ice-cream-scoop-looking balls of fizz! And we hope you can enjoy them, knowing you’re soaking in something GOOD.


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